Metals on the accuracy of printing micron meter Huayu India coated dare to eat "crab" achievements domestic "boss"

2018-01-24 18:41
Printing machine, coating machine, drying room, is the key equipment for sheet metal printing, the market has long been monopolized by German and Japanese companies. Jiangsu Huayu Printing Equipment Group has increased its investment in R & D and process control. Based on the localization of the bakehouse in the early stage, the company successfully developed a two-color sheet metal printing machine that has become the second home in the world. Machine, drying room in one of the metal packaging equipment manufacturers.
Printing machine is a beverage packaging cans in the production process of the most sophisticated key equipment. Printed text and color patterns on the metal sheet, due to high requirements for typesetting position error, the accuracy requirements of the printing machine is also calculated in microns, almost Shen Shen Nantong almost.
In fact, Arima India is an old factory established in 1972. Over the years, it has been dedicated to the localization of drying room equipment in the printing production line. Prior to this, China imported 20 to 30 sets of drying room equipment every year. Now, Arima Indian-coated drying room almost monopolized the domestic metal packaging business. Last year, 120 sets of drying rooms were sold, achieving sales of 140 million yuan.
The Indian iron machine production, from R & D design to raw materials, processing technology and heat treatment, is still blank in the country. Arima invested 10 million yuan, the introduction of a pentahedral processing center from abroad, along with raw material suppliers, after repeated testing and screening to determine the cast iron raw materials, after 3 years, and finally trial produced the first batch of two-color Indian iron machine . Last year alone, 100 units were sold.
This month, Huayu Printing & Coatings is in the process of producing four-color printing press. It is estimated that the first four-color printing press will be off the assembly line at the end of June. In the next year, the company will produce 8-color printing press and reach the international advanced level.


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